Outpatient Imaging Solutions

Since 1995 the number of imaging procedures performed in the U.S. has grown at a rate of 8 percent per year.  As a result, more and more independent physician owned imaging centers are being developed to meet the increasing demand.  
Currently, an estimated 12 percent of the total annual radiology procedures are being performed at outpatient imaging centers, compared to 48 percent at hospital based outpatient departments. It is expected that freestanding centers will gain considerable market share from hospitals over the next decade.
In addition to wholly physician owned centers  it is becoming increasingly evident that hospitals throughout the U.S. will begin to establish joint ventures with local providers to develop free standing imaging centers licensed as Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities.  This shift in behavior is based on the current trends in the provision and payment for outpatient radiology services.

Integrated Care Solutions, LLC provides a comprehensive scope of outpatient imaging solutions that facilitate and support the development of freestanding or hospital based outpatient imaging centers and provide answers to key questions.
These services include:
Feasibility Analysis- does the necessary volume exist?
Business Planning- can we make it work?
Financial Modeling- how much money will we need to spend and how much will we make?
Programmatic Design- how do we design the center?
Operations Turnkey- how will we develop and manage the center?
Marketing Program Development- how do we build the business?