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Key Employees

Timothy Stampp, MBA.  Received BS degree in Business Administration, Cum Laude with distinction in health systems management from the University of Connecticut and received a Master of Business Administration, Finance, from the University of New Orleans.  Mr. Stampp has diversified experience in the health care field, including staff and managerial positions in academia, consulting, and hospitals.  Mr. Stampp started his health care career working with Dr. Joseph Emerzian, one of the early pioneers in applying industrial engineering concepts to health care operations.  Through a professional and personal relationship with Dr. Emerzian, he developed a solid practical foundation in health care system efficiency improvements.  During the early 90's Mr. Stampp worked for the Connecticut State government and the Federal government conducting research on government policy's financial impact on the health care industry.  In the mid 90's Mr. Stampp pursued a career in the private sector and his first position with hospitals was as a management engineer at a 525 bed not for profit community hospital.  In this role, he successfully applied his knowledge and experience in management engineering saving the hospital over one million dollars in less than two years.  During this period, he was responsible for designing, promoting, and developing operational systems for a $29 million outpatient facility.  During the planning phase, he was promoted to director of radiology and director of patient access, a department which he created by administratively and operationally combining the admitting, outpatient registration and centralized scheduling departments of the hospital.  Based on his demonstrated success, he was promoted to the administrative director of the outpatient facility shortly before it's opening in September of 1997.  He served in this capacity until leaving the hospital to form Integrated Care Solutions, LLC in 1999.

Mr. Stampp is the managing partner for outpatient imaging solutions at ICS.  He has extensive domain expertise and experience in the field of outpatient imaging and has established several highly successful outpatient imaging centers.  Mr. Stampp is also experienced in developing physician-hospital joint ventures for outpatient imaging centers.  Mr. Stampp is regarded as an expert in volume assessment and analysis for outpatient imaging services and financial modeling for imaging centers.

Eugene Walters.  Mr. Walters has extensive experience in healthcare financial management.  Mr. Walters started his healthcare career in l980 at a 525 bed not for profit community hospital with a revenue base of $450 million where he assumed the role of Assistant Director of Patient Accounts.  His first assignment was the reorganization of a hospital business office and the development of fundamental controls and practices in the financial and operational divisions of the hospital.  In1982 he assumed the role of Department Director and prepared the hospital for the transition into the Medicare prospective pricing system.  At this time he also assumed responsibility for multiple registration areas of the hospital.  In this role he successfully developed and implemented the necessary measures to effectively manage the transition from a cost based reimbursement system to the DRG prospective pricing system and effectively managed the accounts receivable for the hospital at record levels. In l985 Mr. Walters was assigned additional responsibility for managing several hospital based physician practices with revenues in excess of $40 million. Shortly thereafter Mr. Walters assumed a significant role in the negotiation of managed care contracts for the hospital and physician practices.  He has successfully negotiated numerous fee-for-service, capitation, and sub-capitation agreements in behalf of the hospital and physician practices.  In 1989 Mr. Walters played a significant role in the development of the Blue Cross electronic billing platform currently serving 75% of the hospitals statewide and numerous physician billing practices.  In 1992 Mr. Walters was awarded the Presidential Citation for management excellence in the area of account receivable management and organizational skills. Mr. Walters also has extensive financial management systems experience having overseen four financial systems application conversions and a complete clinical/financial system interface.    

Mr. Walters is managing partner for practice management services.  In this role he has developed state of the art account receivable management programs and successfully implemented these programs in dozens of practices.  The end result has always been increased net revenue year after year.  In a time where physicians are experiencing shrinking income and increasing complexity it is a true testimony to the effectiveness of these programs.